Never forget that function again.

Everything you need to be an Excel power-user. Anywhere, anytime.

Quick, simple answers for when you just can't remember what to look for.

Prodigy Packs are designed for one thing - to help you level up.It's not just a set of cards; it's an encyclopedia of Excel wisdom, distilled into a format that fits right in your pocket.

Why Prodigy Packs?

  • Just Enough To Stand Out: The essential pack covers the most common functions, shortcuts and error messages. It’s like having an Excel expert by your side, ready to jog your memory whenever needed.

  • No More Online Searches: Each card is a bite-sized nugget of Excel wisdom, designed for quick consumption. Find what you need, when you need it, without wading through online forums or cumbersome manuals. The front provides a snapshot, and the back dives into the nitty-gritty.

  • Durability Meets Style: Crafted with high quality paper and purposeful aesthetics, Prodigy Pack cards are durable and intuitive, making them a pleasure to use and keep on your desk.

What's Inside?

  • A diverse collection of 40+ premium cards covering the most fundamental and useful functions, shortcuts and error explanations.

  • Elegantly designed cards housed in a sleek box for easy access and portability.

  • Ability to download digital versions of each card, for when your pockets are full.

  • Access to a video catalog 30-60 second videos explaining each card's topic. Just scan QR code.


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